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Streep Complex Much?
...Vulnerability Unscripted.
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30th-Oct-2011 06:36 pm(no subject)
Helena Bonham Carter
Here's the deal, I wish to participate in the National Novel Writing Month again this year. My problem is that I cannot decide what to write. I have a number of original ideas that I've had in the planning stages for a while but not written any of and I'm considering one of them but I can't decide which. This is where you come in. I'm going to give you a basic run down of each idea and then at the end of this post there will be a poll. If you would be so kind as to take part in the poll I would be ever so grateful. So here are your options;

1. Poisoned Apples
(This has been in my Work in Progress list for a while but I've never actually written anything for it, so it's a possibility.) "Snow white skin so soft and pure, her blood red lips define allure. Silken hair black as ebony, none shall be as fair as thee..." A serial killer is plaguing Europe with a fairytale twist - each victim fits the all too familiar profile of Snow White. When the fourth glass coffin is uncovered, MI18 is forced to replace their lead agents after twenty-five years with a Journalist and a Detective. But when the brother and sister team find themselves learning the ropes in the Folklore devision of British Intelligence... not everything goes according to plan. The clock is ticking as two Americans learn the British way of doing things before their killer strikes again, as well as a few family secrets.

2. The Black Sheep Effect
Zoe is a free spirit. She left home and Australia as soon as she could, at the age of eighteen, and has been travelling around Europe taking odd jobs ever since. She is forced to return with her daughter years later for her Father's funeral. The fact that he wouldn't be there to cushion the blow makes it far more difficult for her to face her elder sister who has done nothing but argue with her since they were children. However, a spirited sister is the least of Jocelyn's problems when their estranged Mother returns after forty years. While Zoe sees it as a chance to get to know the Mother she’s been looking for, Jocelyn refuses to allow the woman back in their lives and disrespect their Father’s memory. But with their Father’s death comes a few secrets that may just paint their Mother in a different light.

3. 'Unnamed'
Meg is a Cambridge Professor who has never cared for relationships and avoids them at all costs. Her childhood friend, Arielle, is a hopeless romantic and what some would term a 'tart'. When Meg finds herself pursued by the likes of twenty-five year old Lewis, an old fashioned charmer, she finds herself beginning to want the one thing she has sworn she would never need. Though Arielle insists a fling with a younger man may be just the fun she's looking for, between Meg's thoughts and Lewis' persistence it could turn out to be much more than a holiday romance.

After reading the above what's the first thing on your mind?

1. I want to know more about MI18
1. I want to see how you pull off the Snow White murders
1. Lol, Poisoned Apples, I see what you did there
2. I want to know why Zoe and Jocelyn are always fighting
2. I want to know what happened between their mother and father
2. Zoe needs to cut a bitch
3. I'm already shipping Meg and Lewis
3. I'm already shipping Arielle with everyone she comes into contact with
3. Let's get it on...
You told me to vote, so I'm voting. Can I have my $20 now?
11th-May-2006 10:23 pm - Friends Only - So It's Been Said
X-Files: Cheers

I apologise for any inconvenience. Feel free to comment if we have things in common, you never know it might start something.
Looking for Fan Fiction? That would be located at self_preserving, please friend that journal and not this one.
Looking for graphics? Then head on over to preservedicons, you're welcome to friend that journal for updates.
10th-May-2006 10:15 pm - Confessional
Helena Bonham Carter
These have been helping me out, because I know at least three people who have one on their LJ. It's a good way to say things you wouldn't normally say. Try it.


Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. Tell me your stories, your secrets, those things no one ever asks but you wish to tell. Tell me about your love, your hate, your indifference, your joy. Tell me about what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here. Tell me anything. Tell me what you really think of me or yourself. Anything.

Post anonymously [by selecting the anonymous box]. Speak honestly, because there isn't any censure here. Post as many times as you like. One faceless wonder to another. You don't have to be on my friends list. You can just be stopping through. It doesn't matter.

And then, pass it on.
9th-May-2006 07:56 pm - 100 People to Shoot Before I Die
Helena Bonham Carter
Alright so you've probably looked at the subject and gone, 'crap she's gonna go completely crazy on our arses!' but that is not the case. I've randomly mentioned in my LJ a few times people that I would love to have as a subject to photograph. So, while I'm really missing my SLR camera, and chatting to a friend on MSN who is on this list... I decided to actually make a list so it's no longer just floating around in my head. It's all people. Celebs - celebs on my flist - friends - family, I probably won't make the whole list in one go. But I am aiming for it to be 100. People can be repeated. As in I could want to do a photoshoot of one person on their own - or that person with other/s, or both. So yeah, we'll see how this goes. This is typically a dream, then again I could actually cross things off as I go. :P They are in no particular order, just listed them as I thought of them. If they're in italics, they're a friend or family member... or you know someone who's not a celebrity. Just so you don't think you should know the person, and go googling or whatever.

100 People to Shoot Before I Die
4th-May-2006 10:18 pm - Inspirational Reading
Helena Bonham Carter

I've been reading a really amazing book the last few weeks. In most cases I would be appalled at what seems like rather slow reading on my behalf, but in fact I'm not. Because the book I'm reading is making me think to the point where I will re-read paragraphs and mull over what they are saying.
"My Life So Far" - Jane Fonda
That's what I'm reading, and for me it's working wonders. Since starting to read this book, I've found a reason to beat this depression I seem to have been swimming in these past months. It's amazing to find how easily I can relate to the life she lived up until my age at the moment. (18) How she describes wanting her father's love. Wanting to know the person everyone else in the world seemed to look up to. A lot of people never really see the side of their parents that the rest of the world see. I was lucky enough to see it in my early teens, not so much how people see my father, but the true inner workings of him.
A part I loved reading was Jane discussing how her younger brother Peter always seemed to just say whatever was on his mind. If he didn't want to do something, he wouldn't, and he'd say so. She couldn't understand why he'd do it when she was a child, why he'd do things that she saw instantly as something that would irritate their father. I have that with my brothers. I notice when my parents are about to blow a fuse. When you should really stop whining or asking for pointless things. But my brother have no idea and they push until the explosion happens. It's frustrating, but rather funny to read about Jane Fonda dealing with the same thing. Don't get me wrong, I do realise she's a normal human being.
Chapter seven is simply titled 'Hunger'. It deals with the beginnings of Jane's Bulimia. I've always seemed to have some knowledge of this disease. Which is exactly what she calls it. A disease. Because, after all, that's what it is. I've never been interested in becoming bulimic, thank God, and I've never cared for what people think of how I look. So you wonder how I could possibly relate to this. But reading what she's written on the disease, I realise how easily it applies to all I have ever tried to say when people would ask me why I cut. Originally it was something that sparked my curiosity. I was a curious child and always acted on my curiosity. I wanted to know why people cut themselves so I did it. But it became addictive because as far as I was conserned, I was in control. Jane talks about how a bulimic person believes that they are in control, it's not a problem, and that they believe they could stop if they really wanted to. That is how I felt. It wasn't a problem. It was just something I found interesting. Finally, after eight years, there are words that truly expressed what I felt. The thought would have never occured to me otherwise.
Reading all the things that Jane Fonda went through as a child and young adult, as I'm only up to where she's around 22, is so helpful to overcome my depression. There are moments where she talks about adolescent thoughts that have been plaguing me these past months. And to see that she has come through it all, and to see what she's doing today, it's really inspirational for anyone that may be going through any problems as a teenager or young adult. It gives you the feeling that you will, in fact, have a future ahead of you. You just have to put the bullshit behind you and get on with it. Personally, I can't believe how good this has made me feel. I've become much more aware of what's happening around me, and less afraid of what's to come. Why worry about what's ahead of me, when I could do something tomorrow that changes the course of my life. Whether I like this metaphor or not after two years of English Advanced, life is a journey. Every now and then there's going to be a fork in the road. I just hope that when those days come, I make a good decision.

Please, if you're having any bad thoughts or just feeling low. Take my advice, and read this book. Whether it does the same or not, it's still a fantastic read.

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