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Streep Complex Much?
...Vulnerability Unscripted.
10th-May-2006 10:15 pm
Helena Bonham Carter
These have been helping me out, because I know at least three people who have one on their LJ. It's a good way to say things you wouldn't normally say. Try it.


Leave me an anonymous comment pouring your heart out. Say anything. Tell me your stories, your secrets, those things no one ever asks but you wish to tell. Tell me about your love, your hate, your indifference, your joy. Tell me about what's inside of you when you're reading through these entries on your friends list, and tell me why you continue to come back here. Tell me anything. Tell me what you really think of me or yourself. Anything.

Post anonymously [by selecting the anonymous box]. Speak honestly, because there isn't any censure here. Post as many times as you like. One faceless wonder to another. You don't have to be on my friends list. You can just be stopping through. It doesn't matter.

And then, pass it on.
14th-Nov-2007 07:34 pm (UTC)
I miss my brother

but only because my parents have more time to pressure me
when he's not around.
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