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Streep Complex Much?
...Vulnerability Unscripted.
Here's the deal, I wish to participate in the National Novel… 
30th-Oct-2011 06:36 pm
Helena Bonham Carter
Here's the deal, I wish to participate in the National Novel Writing Month again this year. My problem is that I cannot decide what to write. I have a number of original ideas that I've had in the planning stages for a while but not written any of and I'm considering one of them but I can't decide which. This is where you come in. I'm going to give you a basic run down of each idea and then at the end of this post there will be a poll. If you would be so kind as to take part in the poll I would be ever so grateful. So here are your options;

1. Poisoned Apples
(This has been in my Work in Progress list for a while but I've never actually written anything for it, so it's a possibility.) "Snow white skin so soft and pure, her blood red lips define allure. Silken hair black as ebony, none shall be as fair as thee..." A serial killer is plaguing Europe with a fairytale twist - each victim fits the all too familiar profile of Snow White. When the fourth glass coffin is uncovered, MI18 is forced to replace their lead agents after twenty-five years with a Journalist and a Detective. But when the brother and sister team find themselves learning the ropes in the Folklore devision of British Intelligence... not everything goes according to plan. The clock is ticking as two Americans learn the British way of doing things before their killer strikes again, as well as a few family secrets.

2. The Black Sheep Effect
Zoe is a free spirit. She left home and Australia as soon as she could, at the age of eighteen, and has been travelling around Europe taking odd jobs ever since. She is forced to return with her daughter years later for her Father's funeral. The fact that he wouldn't be there to cushion the blow makes it far more difficult for her to face her elder sister who has done nothing but argue with her since they were children. However, a spirited sister is the least of Jocelyn's problems when their estranged Mother returns after forty years. While Zoe sees it as a chance to get to know the Mother she’s been looking for, Jocelyn refuses to allow the woman back in their lives and disrespect their Father’s memory. But with their Father’s death comes a few secrets that may just paint their Mother in a different light.

3. 'Unnamed'
Meg is a Cambridge Professor who has never cared for relationships and avoids them at all costs. Her childhood friend, Arielle, is a hopeless romantic and what some would term a 'tart'. When Meg finds herself pursued by the likes of twenty-five year old Lewis, an old fashioned charmer, she finds herself beginning to want the one thing she has sworn she would never need. Though Arielle insists a fling with a younger man may be just the fun she's looking for, between Meg's thoughts and Lewis' persistence it could turn out to be much more than a holiday romance.

After reading the above what's the first thing on your mind?

1. I want to know more about MI18
1. I want to see how you pull off the Snow White murders
1. Lol, Poisoned Apples, I see what you did there
2. I want to know why Zoe and Jocelyn are always fighting
2. I want to know what happened between their mother and father
2. Zoe needs to cut a bitch
3. I'm already shipping Meg and Lewis
3. I'm already shipping Arielle with everyone she comes into contact with
3. Let's get it on...
You told me to vote, so I'm voting. Can I have my $20 now?
30th-Oct-2011 07:53 am (UTC)
eh heh heh
31st-Oct-2011 09:55 pm (UTC)
Don't 'eh heh heh' me, young lady.
1st-Nov-2011 12:25 am (UTC)
you can't tell me what to do. you're not my real mom!!
1st-Nov-2011 12:36 am (UTC)
That's what you think.
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